New Servers!

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We currently have a development Minecraft server. We are working on sorting out what mods and admins to have, but feel free to check it out.
Minecraft IP:

We are working on putting up a JC2 Multiplayer server. IP to be posted.
Password: kg

I would like to see a DayZ server up in the near future, seeing as the Alpha was released today.

Anything else you’d like to see? Shoot an email to

As always, join your friends in our Mumble Voice server.
Label: KG Mumble
Port: 64738
Choose a username of your choice.

Gamerdude72 Out.

gamerdude72New Servers!

WAN Night Coming Up! (Canceled!)

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Maybe you’re aware, if you’re that that’s okay. There is a WAN night coming up on Friday, Nov. 29.  There will be more info posted soon. Thanks!

With Thanksgiving and turkey abound, I was not able to host the event.  I was at my house and did not have access to the equipment.  We will be posting a date on the next LAN event in the near future.

Stay tuned!

gamerdude72WAN Night Coming Up! (Canceled!)

Huge success!

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Our recent WAN was a huge success in our eyes. If you were there, you’d know we played a couple games (probably not nearly as many as some people would have liked):

  • LoL
  • Garry’s Mod

Despite the lack of variety in the games, I think everyone had a good time hanging out in Mumble.

We’ll be scheduling another one soon, with a bit more notice. So be sure you have a free schedule. Even if you can’t make it to game, download the Mumble app on your phone and throw in a pair of headphones and just hangout.

OkayHuge success!

No, We’re Not Dead… (Not Yet)

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Us at KNFE are currently working on some big stuff, including new server rollout and a LAN date. It’s been difficult coordinating this, being at college and all. Without the help from Okay and a few others, this would not be possible. Please bear with us.

As always, feedback is appreciated. We want to host/organize what you want. That’s how we get players and regular users. 

gamerdude72 out.


gamerdude72No, We’re Not Dead… (Not Yet)